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A histoIMG_6430ry of the Michigan Wood Shop: A long time form of relaxation and meditation of mine has been doing things with my hands.  I have restored cars, built furniture, remodeled homes, and as part of a team built homes.  For the last thirtyish  years I have been working in the technology fields, electronics, computers and communications systems.  I am starting to look at retiring from working for a living and start working as a hobby.  I started producing various wood projects which people have been snapping up.  All my friends and family have been urging me to take my works to market, thus the Michigan wood shop is born.

The Michigan woodshop is a local Michigan business which produces custom, handmade works of art of form and function. Handmade Pens, Pencils, Razors, nut crackers and more made right here in Michigan.  Every item we produce is worked as if we are producing it for ourselves.  We use the highest quality components and finishes.  We also use both domestic and exotic, woods as well as miscellaneous woods to produce the most beautiful devices.  Each item receives multiple coats of finish and protective wax.  Our pens use either Cross or Parker brand refills.  We have a nearly endless combination of styles and wood combinations.  Various accessories are also available, clips, bands, gift boxes.  For a complete list of products see our Inventory page.

Feel free to contact us via phone (248) 796-WOOD (9663) via email service@michiganwoodshop.com or just leave a comment below.  We would love to hear from you.  Thank you for your time.

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