Breast Cancer Awareness Pens

Support Breast Cancer Awareness. We all recognize the importance of supporting research for the cure of Breast Cancer.  One way we are able to show our support is through the breast cancer awareness pens, and pencils.  With the purchase of one of these fine writing instruments you not only show your support for a cure but additionally a portion of your purchase goes right back to  The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  BCRF is dedicated to preventing breast cancer and finding a cure in our lifetime by funding clinical and translational research worldwide. For more information about BCRF, visit Please show your support to Breast Cancer Awareness.

One of our most popular pens has been our collection of Breast Cancer Awareness line.  Thus far the Tulip wood model has been the favorite with Cocobolo as a close second. On request we can create them out of any wood we have in stock or we can special order a variety of various exotic woods.  We have even been asked to create one from one’s grandmothers dilapidated rocking chair.  Though creating a pen from a favorite piece of furniture can invoke reminiscences of  family or friends usually this does not produce the rich grain one may expect.

Item Description Pricing Info
IMG_6535 Pen Comfort
Finish Rose Gold
Wood Tulip wood
Pink Crystals
Premium $61.00
Signature $45.00
Common/Domestic $33.00
Breast Cancer Awareness Pen Trimline
Finish Chrome
Wood Cocobolo
Pink Crystals
Premium $54.00
Signature $38.00
Common/Domestic $26.00
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