The Michigan Woodshop: View our gallery for your best place to find exquisite handmade writing instruments, to suite the most discerning fashion sense.  We have a wide array of various theme designs, such as Shooting, Hunting, Fishing, Breast cancer awareness, and Classic power styles.  We also offer kitchen utensils,  and personal grooming products.   We love to create custom orders to your specifications.  We can create using a plethora of wood choices along with many choices of accessories.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us if something of your own design is what you  have in mind.

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.30 Caliber bolt action pens

IMG_6515Finish-Antique Brass
Wood-Big leaf Maple
IMG_651724k Gold Finish
Wood Splatted Tamerind
IMG_6454Gun metal finish
Wood Splatted Maple Burl
Wood – Common Stock
Wood Australian Black BeanFinish-Gun metal
Wood – Australian Blackbean
Wood – Marblewood
 IMG_6520Finish-24k Gold
Wood – Birdseye Maple
 IMG_6522Finish-Gun Metal
Wood – Zebra wood
 IMG_6523Finish-24k Gold
Wood – Bocote
Wood – Common Stock
Wood – Black Palm
IMG_6573Finish-Antique Brass
Wood – Splatted Maple



Hunting and fishing

 IMG_6551  IMG_6528  IMG_6529
 IMG_6526  IMG_6525


Pens for the ladies.

IMG_6548 IMG_6536 IMG_6535
IMG_6532 IMG_6539


Wall street writing instruments

 IMG_6550  IMG_6545  IMG_6544
 IMG_6534  IMG_6434  IMG_6488


Elegant writing instruments

IMG_6425 IMG_6549 IMG_6548
  IMG_6533  IMG_6530  IMG_6543
 IMG_6531  IMG_6537  IMG_6547


Classic writing instruments

IMG_6540 IMG_6542


Razor handles.

IMG_6396 IMG_6405 IMG_6400

 Magnifying Glasses


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